Thought Leadership

  • KOL Influence

    The Strategic Importance of Micro-influencers

    When discussing KOLs, we tend to associate the word ‘influence’ with a large reach, a significant audience, a well-known ‘name’ etc.

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  • Community Experts

    The Critical Importance of Community KOLs

    The 'community KOL ecosystem holds vital importance when it comes to engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs) in specific geographies. Unlike traditional Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), community experts possess a distinct set of qualities and experiences that make them influential within their ecosystems. While global KOLs may provide some insights into HCP behaviour on a larger scale, it is the community experts who truly understand the national and local challenges that shape their respective regions.

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  • Omnichannel

    KOLs For An Omnichannel World

    The omnichannel world in which future Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) will thrive is vastly different from the world in which current KOLs have excelled. The behaviors of tomorrow's leaders and audiences are undergoing a transformative shift that sets them apart from the norms we have grown accustomed to for so long.

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  • Rising Stars / Emerging Experts

    Emerging Experts: Whose Rank is it Anyway?

    Traditionally people tend to identify and rank emerging experts & rising stars based on quite traditional and defined metrics – their increasing number of publications, their growing academic qualifications and awards, their on-going involvement in trials or guidelines.

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  • KOL Identification

    The Challenge of Finding KOLs For Innovative Therapies

    You have a truly innovative medicine with a unique proposition in an area with a clear unmet need – in other words, a perfect recipe for advancing patient well-being and achieving brand leadership.

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  • KOL Influence Drives KOL Engagement

    From KOL List To KOL Action: The Role Of KOL Influence

    You have in front of you a syndicated KOL database of gargantuan proportions showing you everyone with any sort of activity in your therapy area. You have a million names with metrics to match.

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  • KOL Identification and KOL Mapping

    The Failure Of Quant-Led KOL Identification in Growth Markets

    When it comes to KOL identification mapping, there is no shortage of quant data around KOL and HCP activity out there. Most of that is free and it’s easier than ever to scrape it by the bucket load, generating a billion publication, congress, and social data points.

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  • KOL Identification and Mapping

    The Relationship Between KOL Identification And KOL Mapping

    Among the infinite symposia, webinars, and white papers on this topic, “KOL identification” and “KOL mapping” can find themselves melting together in a gelatinous jargon stew. 

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  • KOL Research

    Studies On Adaptive Trials In Rare Cancer

    Rare cancers account for up to 20% of new cancer cases and Innovative Medicinal Products (InMP) are required to address this high unmet medical need. Adaptive trials may be an alternative to large randomized controlled trials for InMP development to target rare cancer patients.

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  • KOL Identification

    Unfeasibly Prolific Authors

    Using publication history from PubMed to help identify Experts or assess an individual KOLs work?

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