Stakeholder Services

The voices are out there already,
so how can you drown out the noise?

KOLs are not just the most active individuals in your therapeutic area landscape - but they can also be a multitude of different stakeholders that all have the power to impact your work. Our services help you find and then tune into all the right voices that matter to the success of your medicine.

  • Find every voice.

    Stakeholder Mapping is about identifying everyone who has something to say in your disease area – any voice that impacts, influences, or inspires the success of your brand and the wellbeing of patients.

  • Because Every Voice Matters.

    Patient advocacy groups, clinical trial collectives, centres of excellence, governmental organisations, charities, professional advocacy groups, tertiary referral centres, R&D powerhouses, and many others – each has a voice, and every voice matters.

  • And Every Network Does Too.

    From long-established patient groups to transient online communities, from high-thinking academic institutions to high-profile NGOs, we know that these networks can be complex, diverse, and fast moving in today’s social media rich environment. And yet without engaging them cooperatively, a brand cannot ever reach its full potential.

  • Listen Well.

    How do you map all the “voices” in your disease ecosystem? How is this best done? Simply by listening to everything, everywhere you can. In practice this translates to using a whole host of research methodologies working in unison. From a whole-of-landscape quantitative analysis to direct input from stakeholders themselves; from identifying key individuals with clinical, political and administrative importance to segmenting stakeholders based on their relevance to your strategy.

  • And Then Listen Again.

    It’s important not to just identify but also characterise each voice – hear what they are saying, gauge their influence, segment their position, and map their connections. By considering your therapy area as a sea of numerous interconnected voices, you can accurately map all the influencers and then best position your brand as a constituent among those.

  • Build A Map.

    A stakeholder disease map is ideal for when you are entering a new disease area and need to understand everything there is to know about everything and everyone; or equally if you need help in keeping up to date with a rapidly changing landscape in your current space. A disease map goes beyond traditional stakeholders and includes all the people, organisations, and places that matter. Plus, all the relevant connections and drivers that create the networks within the space.

  • And Tear It Up.

    Historically, the slow and steady path that a stakeholder advocacy group might have taken towards prominence is no longer always the norm. Nowadays the stakeholder map can be far more fluid than ever before – a grassroot advocacy campaign started by a handful of people who are passionate about a cause can go global within a week. How do they fit in your plans?

  • To Start Again.

    Our Stakeholder Mapping can help you stay on top of the ever-evolving landscape. The results may confirm your existing knowledge, but they will most likely also encourage you to think in new ways and look at new voices and cause-led campaigns with a fresh perspective.

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