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Although a client’s needs can be similar in overall context
e.g. “I want to find the most important KOLs in my therapy area”,

they are always completely different in their underlying strategic requirements
e.g. “I want to find the most important KOLs in my therapy area, specific to my positioning, my strategy, my scientific story, and my tactical plan”.

So what is it that our clients most often want and need?

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  • All the top KOLs in my therapy area

    Identifying and characterising the most important people in your world is all about people. That's why even the largest bucket of objective analytics in the world cannot circumvent the subjective nuances of impact, influence, and human behaviour.

  • Experts for my early stage-asset

    Very early-stage assets have unique challenges e.g. budget, several unknowns, and an evolving product profile. What our clients want are experts with an acceptable level of confidence to specifically inform/support their next decision point. Nothing less, nothing more.

  • Experts just like this one

    Having encountered a KOL that they think would be perfect for their needs going forward, the client ask is simple: find me more Experts exactly like this one.

  • Validate my list of KOLs

    Clients sometimes end up working with the same people for the same things. They call for a fresh, analytical, objective perspective on their entire Expert list to tell them three key things - who should stay, who should go, and who new should join? And the evidence to back up every decision.

  • Digital KOLs and influencers

    Digital KOLs include clinicians, health-aware YouTubers, app-evangelising HCPs, and each new wave of technologists. Clients want to identify, map, segment, such DOLs, and then collate all the relevant insights to create a strategic engagement plan for each different type of digital KOL.

  • The most influential KOLs

    ‘KOL level-of-activity’ is not a benchmark for their influence and impact. Our clients know this. That’s why they ask for the most influential people, measured in the most accurate and compliant way possible.

  • The right people for the right activity

    A list of KOLs is meaningless without the ability to identify the most appropriate KOLs for each specific task. So who should they engage for a speaker program versus a LinkedIn educational campaign? Our clients want these insights on a plate because they need to make these decisions quickly and confidently.

  • KOLs to decipher an unexpected signal

    Finding ultra-specialist KOLs at short notice, for example, the sort that can help our clients to address an unexpected signal picked up during a clinical study requires a range of skills and methodologies to ensure speed and accuracy. And that is exactly what we do.

  • Specialists for my new strategy

    KOL identification and mapping must remain precisely in sync with strategy. And as their strategy evolves, our clients ask for specialists to support each new facet, to ensure continuing strategic and tactical momentum.

  • Digital Micro-Influencers for my new indication

    Our clients look for micro-influencers who may not have the mass reach but are powerful in their specific niche. It’s the way we help our clients fulfill all the different pillars of their strategy.

  • Those whose thinking matters to the frontline

    In addition to a ‘top-down’ view of KOLs, clients want a clear perspective on the KOLs who can guide thinking amongst frontline HCPs. Who do HCPs actually listen to? Getting this view in a balanced manner and with enough statistical power can be challenging. We like challenges.

  • KOLs in my Growth Markets

    We have worked in one way or another in probably every market in the world. That’s because our clients have wanted to identify and map KOLs in all those markets, each with their own nuances and unique requirements.

  • Rising Stars and other Emerging experts

    And by “Rising Stars”, they don’t just mean anyone who has rising publications. Our clients want to identify and engage with the true potential KOLs of tomorrow – after all, doing so is a significant investment for them.

  • Fellowship centres and their impact

    Identifying and mapping key Fellowship centres, and then assessing the KOLs and potential Rising Stars that are involved with those gives our clients an important insight into KOL micro-communities focused around institutions.

  • Research with KOLs

    Conducting focused research with KOLs is part of every medical and commercial strategy. And given that all we do is speak with KOLs on a daily basis, our clients come to us to help them answer their most important strategic questions.

  • Advocacy amongst my KOLs

    What is the true level of advocacy for my product (and my ‘competitors’) in the wider KOL community? A critical question essential to succeed. Benchmarking the level of advocacy and then tracking changes in response to your data and communications over time is how we help.

  • What impact are we having?

    Our clients spend a significant amount of time and money on activities aimed at KOLs. But what impact is that having, how is it changing the needle amongst target groups? Our KOL research helps you accurately assess the impact of your work.

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