KOL Profiles

  • A KOL profile that genuinely enables you to understand, evaluate, and engage with a KOL is more than just a sum of their publications, congress presentations, clinical trials etc. These activity metrics are of great importance, but they don’t give you the complete picture about an individual. They tell you what a KOL has done, but they show you nothing about influence, impact, sentiment, behaviour, and the many other characteristics that make up a “KOL with the potential to influence your success”.

    Our KOL profiles are crafted to combine the quantitative with the qualitative, mindset with sentiment, influence with impact, and give you everything you need to fully understand a KOL and to make your most important decisions around engagement – who to engage, what for, and why? All of it driven by the data and evidence.

DOL Profiles

When it comes to digital KOL profiles, there are three levels of data and analytics we give you.

  • Firstly

    it’s the straightforward “level of activity” – their activity across the digital realm, their followers, engagement, contribution, specialisation, etc.

  • Secondly

    it’s the analytics that really matter – what is their reach (as defined by a measurable, quantitative metric that you can use to compare others with), what is the make-up of their HCP followers (and what about their followers in turn), what percentage of their content is original, how do they rank and compare with others in their network, and so forth.

  • And finally,

    it’s the behavioural characteristics that will govern your engagement – segmentation driven by their digital characteristics and propensity for online interaction, phenotyping based on behaviour, and their mindset and position on key issues within the therapeutic landscape.

Taken together, all of this in our digital KOL profiles gives you the in-depth, granular, information you need to not only understand a digital influencer, but also make decisions about strategic engagement with those DOLs and their community at large.

Stakeholder Profiles

  • Stakeholders encompass everyone from long-established patient groups to transient online communities, from high-thinking academic centres to high-tweeting NGOs, from clinical trial powerhouses to niche diagnostic institutes, the truly global to the very local – every voice that matters.

    Of course the content of each profile and the information, insights, and analytics we give you depends on the type of stakeholder e.g. patient group versus health system.

    But some components are common to all - what reach does each specific stakeholder have? Does this stakeholder have autonomy within the wider disease area? Are the position and objectives of this stakeholder critical to the success of your product? What exactly makes them influential? How have they contributed to the field and how can you leverage that when engaging with them?

    That’s why our stakeholder profiles contain everything you need to fully characterise each voice, understand exactly the role it plays within the wider disease ecosystem, and how they fit into your strategic objectives.


From baseline content that you would expect in any profile all the way to advancned insights, our profiles give you a comprehensive view of each expert across every angle

  • Curated

    Your brand is not the same as everyone else’s, your KOL and stakeholder strategy is definitely not the same as everyone else’s, and so the profiles you see need to reflect your differentiation. That’s why many components of our profiles our curated and customized to your specific needs.

  • Contextual

    Seeing a KOL, DOL, or stakeholder in isolation will never give you the full picture, which is why we also provide the tools to let you see contextual content & insights. For example, a variety of network and connectivity maps to see the KOL/DOL in the context of their peer group.

  • Influential

    Ask a simple question to assess the true utility of any profile: does this profile tell me how influential this person or organisation is? Not what activity they have done, which patents have they filed, but specifically how influential and important is this person really? With our profiles, the answer is yes.

  • Configurable

    With over 20 different adjustable variables that can be weighted and scored to reflect your brand and strategic needs, our KOLs and stakeholder profiles will give you a practical view of the score, rank, and relevance of each. We can also tier and segment to exactly suit your needs.

  • Interactive

    Interactive tools to explore our profiles are built into the actual profiles itself. So you don’t need an additional overlay of further analysis to make sense of the data and insights presented in our profiles. Graphical content, presented in a way that’s easy to digest and easy act on.

  • Flexible

    Our profiles are flexible enough to cater for our many different audiences that use them – Medical, Commercial, Field Medicine, Franchise. That’s because each audience has its own unique needs –as simple as profile format, or as complex as the need for curation – and our outputs precisely fit those needs.

  • Shareable

    From Google Map APIs to MDM, from Single-Sign-On to CRM, from direct feeds into your data lake to beautiful summary exports for leadership meetings – our profiles are designed to integrate seamlessly with your internal and external systems, and the way you work.


A practical profile giving you a 360 view that enables you to assess a KOLs, DOLs, or stakeholders activity, sphere of influence, alignment with your scientific story, digital footprint, and ultimately engagement.

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